Are you a fan of web series? Is the daily dose of entertainment remain incomplete without watching the best series? Undoubtedly, Netflix is taking the world on a GaGa with top-class shows.Hence, here we are up with some of the best limited series on Netflix shows airing right now. The 10 best Netflix limited series will make you feel content without any doubt.

Now, some people may wonder what is a Netflix limited series? How can they be seen? Well, we are here today to answer all these types of questions. Keep patience and read ahead. Unveil several facts about the limited series coming on Netflix and the excitement attached with them. Are you not excited?

What is Netflix?

OTT platforms are gaining importance nowadays. Moreover, their popularity surpassing the demand for cable connections. Now, people show more interest in watching shows and web series on these digital platforms without any constraint of time. Netflix is one such streaming medium for non-stop entertainment.

The American production company sailed the ship in the year 1997. However, the demand took a drastic rise only in recent times. Not only the USA, but it is also now a prominent source of daily enjoyment for the global audience. Subscribe today to enter the world of all-time amusement.

What Does Netflix Limited Series Mean?

Several shows come on Netflix as limited series. Are you new to Netflix? Then you must be wondering what is a limited series on Netflix? Keep o reading if you want accurate answers to all these queries. So, get ready to have double fun on your favorite OTT platform.

When it comes to Netflix limited series meaning, we will say that it is not a very different concept. However, the only difference of this series is that the story completes in one season only. Therefore, in other words, you can say that a limited series is something that does not come with a second season. Hence, you need not wait for a long time to see the ending of the story.

Some people may think from the name that a 'Limited series' has some limitations attached. Moreover, a few also speculate that they can watch a series only for a limited time. However, the reality is different from both these notions.

According to the general policies of Netflix, the company prefers to remove some of the original contents from the home page. Therefore, you may not identify which were the miniseries that came on Netflix originally. For that purpose, it is better to check the info page of the particular show. It contains all the details regarding the genre and other information related to that show. So, whenever your mind questions what does Netflix limited series mean, remember that it is like a complete show.

The limited series on Netflix has a perfect beginning, story, and ending. Typically, such a series comprises around four to ten episodes at the most. These shows are exclusive content of Netflix itself. Therefore, the originality and tenure of the stories make them so lovable to most of the viewers.

Features And Price Charts On Netflix

Netflix understands the choice of varied viewers and launches suitable plans accordingly. Therefore, look for the suitable one that comes within your budget. Moreover, the cancellation option is available all the time. If you ever feel like cancelling the subscription, it is genuinely effortless. To watch the Netflix limited series, it is essential to subscribe to a specific plan.

The quality of the streaming and compatibility of different devices will depend on these pay packages. Therefore, make a suitable choice today for a hassle-free view. However, every plan allows you to download the content and enjoy them offline too. The same holds good for the limited series Netflix also.

Plans -

Here is the list of all the plans to make you feel comfortable.

Basic: The monthly cost of this plan is $8.99. You can watch unlimited shows on any streaming device. However, the number of the screen for simultaneous views is limited to only one. Similarly, you can also download it on one device only. In this plan, the picture quality will not be High-definition.

Standard: This plan comes with a monthly cost of $13.99. This allows simultaneous streaming on two devices. Moreover, you can enjoy unlimited content in HD quality on your laptop, TV, tablet, or smartphone.

Premium: This package comes with all the available facilities on Netflix. You need to pay some bucks more, that is, $17.99 per month. You can watch the shows simultaneously on four devices. The other conditions will remain similar to the previously discussed ones. Additionally, this plan also has the option of Ultra HD quality picture available.

Features - We are going to tell you now about all the incredible features of Netflix. The top five are below;-

More than one account: Netflix lets the users have multiple accounts within a single plan only. However, it depends on the choice of streaming package. Generally, people love to opt for the two accounts. It is ideal for two-person households or a couple. Netflix will understand your choices better with the help of this exclusive feature.

Protection for minors: Netflix comes with a special feature of parental control. Therefore, the parents can now keep track of what the young one is watching. You can also set up a specific PIN to restrict the usage by your kids. The "Allowed TV shows and movies" section will let you select the suitable level per your children's age.

Option to Download: Yes, it is possible to download every show coming on Netflix. You get the privilege to view any series in offline mode.

Top-Class Sound: Netflix offers brilliant sound quality. Therefore, you can sign up for the Dolby Atmos special range for an outstanding experience.

Use Multiple Smart Devices: You can have multiple devices available at homes like Alexa, Google Home Speakers, etc. All of them will likely be compatible with Netflix. Therefore, enjoy the fabulous quality of the series with the help of your preferred device.

List Of The Top 10 Limited Series

With the diminishing popularity of long-sized movies, people are becoming more inclined towards web series. Moreover, they are looking for the miniseries to watch a complete story within one season only. Netflix will fulfill their demand by launching the intriguing limited series.

Here is the perfect Netflix limited series list comprising the top ten shows. Read the brief information about the shows and decide what to watch next.

1. Wild Wild Country

Directed and produced by- Directors: Chapman and Maclain Way, Producer: Juliana Lembi

Cast-Ma Anand Sheela, Philip Toelkas, George Meredith, Osho

Theme- It's a crime documentary covering end-to-end thrills
Rating- IMDB 8.1

The story revolves around the incidents a hippy cult faces while moving from India to Oregon. It is in the backdrop of 1981 and keeps you captivated through the numerous mysterious events. Moreover, you will also feel the thrill while passing through historical footage and chemical weapons.

2. 1994

Directed and produced by- Director: Diego Enrique Osorno

Cast-Rafael Sebastian Guillen Vicente, Carlos Salinas de Gortari

Theme- Spanish documentary based on many real-life interviews and plots
Rating- IMDB 7.3

This series tells you the story of the 1994 war between EZLN of Spain and the Mexican Government. The fascinating facts of the contemporary period will keep you engrossed in the show throughout. You will also witness how the story reveals the prevailing political scenario of the period.

3. The Stranger

Directed and produced by- Producer: Madonna Baptiste, Director: Daniel O'Hara, Hannah Quinn

Cast-Siobhan Finneran, Hannah John-Kamen, Richard Armitage

Theme- It is a British mystery thriller series
Rating- IMDB 7.3

The story finally begins when a stranger comes into the picture. This person intimates Adam Prince, a family man, of a big secret about his wife. This secret took him through many events, making his life fall prey to many dangers.

4. The Queen's Gambit

Directed and produced by- Director: Scott Frank, Producer: William Horberg

Cast- Bill Camp, Anya Taylor-Joy

Theme- It is an adaptation of the famous novel of Walter Tevis of the same name.
Rating- IMDB 8.6

In 1960, the 9-year old orphan Beth Hermon mastered the game of Chess. Overnight, she became a child sensation in the USA. However, nothing is without a price in this world. Set up in the background of the Cold War, it is a high-voltage drama with the gradual unveiling of multiple facts.

5. Unbelievable

Directed and produced by- Director: Susannah Grant, Producer: John Vohlers

Cast- Dale Dickey, Austin Hebert, Elizabeth Marvel, Scott Lawrence, Eric Lange

Theme- The theme is taken from "An Unbelievable Story of Rape" with eight episodes in total
Rating- IMDB 8.4

As the police asked piercing questions, a 16-year-old mentioned her rape in her own bedroom. Two detectives went up to every extent to prove the actual fact. It is a must binge to discover the truth at the end.

6. Unorthodox

Directed and produced by-Director: Maria Schrader, Producer: Alexa Karolinska

Cast-Aaron Altaras, Aziz Dyab, Delia Mayer, Dina Doronne, Alex Raid, Isabel Schosnig

Theme- It is a realistic drama of an ultra-orthodox Jewish family
Rating- IMDB 8.0

A young woman coming from an orthodox Jewish family flees from her marriage. She wanted to escape the religious community and begin a new life. Know whether she was able to fulfill her wishes or not. How did her family react? What the future had in store for her? Get all the answers in the high voltage drama.

7. The Pharmacist

Directed and produced by- Director: Julia Willoughby Nason, Jenner Furst, Producer: David Permut

Cast- Lana Barkin, Jenner Furst, Jed Lipinski

Theme- It is a crime documentary related to drug violence.
Rating- IMDB 7.7

A pharmacist embarked on an adventurous journey to find out the truth when he got unsatisfied answers from the police. The events started with the death of his son due to a drug-related shooting. The events took place in New Orleans.

8. Maid

Directed and produced by-Director: Molly Smith Metzler, Producer: Colin McKenna, and others

Cast- Margaret Qualley, Tracy Vilar, Anika Noni Rose, Nick Robinson

Theme- It is an adaptation of "Maid: Hard work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive" It is an intriguing drama miniseries.
Rating- IMDB 8.5

The story shows you the hardships of a young mother to raise her children single-handedly. She escaped an abusive marriage and took a job as a maid. How this decision changed her life and her children is something you must watch.

9. Evil Genius

Directed and produced by- Director: Barbara Schroeder, Producer: Duplass Brothers Production

Cast-Trey Borzillieri, Jason Wick, Jerry Clark

Theme- It is an exceptional thriller plot of a pizza bomber heist. Several bizarre events start taking place as the FBI continues the investigation.
Rating- IMDB 7.5

It was a real-life story when a man entered a bank with a bomb around his neck. This person was a pizza-delivery boy in reality and wanted to rob the bank. What incidents follow next is the actual plot of this limited series.

10. Godless

Directed and produced by-Director: Scott Frank, Producer: Jessica Levin, Michael Malone

Cast- Jeff Daniels, Jessica Sula, Jack O'Connell, Kim Coates, Luke Robertson

Theme- It is a western drama offering the story of a women-centric town of New Mexico.
Rating-IMDB 8.3

The freshness of the air is present in the town of New Mexico. The majority population here is comprised of women. Godless portrays the power and dominance of women and how they tackle multiple problems cropping up.

How to Download

It is evident that Netflix has a wide audience base spread all over the world. Many of them like to watch the interesting limited series offline too. Internet connection may not be smooth all the time. However, to let the viewers enjoy the series offline, you can download the respective shows from the Netflix account.

To enjoy the best limited series on Netflix offline, go and download Netflix videos through. Check the steps for the same.

  • Install first KeepStream Downloader from the official website

  • Open your Netflix Account by typing the credentials

  • Select your preferred video for offline watch

  • Opt for the suitable Title as well as Metadata
  • Go for the Download option and save it for later watch


To sum up, the above discussion makes you aware of what does limited series mean on Netflix. As the Netflix limited series meaning is clear, you will undoubtedly feel an urge to watch out for the most exciting series immediately. Pick the best ones and prepare for a great weekend.

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StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader
StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader
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StreamFab All-In-One
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MyStream Netflix Downloader
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